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Whole-home point-of-entry water filtration systems are comprehensive water treatment solutions designed to treat all the water entering a household at the point where it initially comes into the plumbing system. These systems are typically installed near the main water supply line to ensure that every faucet, shower, and appliance in the home receives treated water. Whole-home filtration systems employ a variety of filtration media, such as activated carbon, sediment filters, and catalytic filters, to remove a wide range of contaminants from the water. These can include sediment, chlorine, chloramines, heavy metals, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and many other impurities that may affect water quality. By providing clean and filtered water throughout the entire home, these systems address not only drinking water concerns but also improve the quality of water for bathing, cooking, and laundry.

The Benefits of Having a Whole Home, Point of Entry, Water Filtration System Installed

The benefits of whole-home point-of-entry water filtration are numerous. First and foremost, these systems ensure that all water sources in the home are free from impurities and contaminants, which means improved water quality for various household purposes. They significantly reduce the presence of chlorine and its associated odors and tastes, contributing to more pleasant-tasting tap water. Moreover, whole-home filtration systems extend the life and performance of appliances and plumbing by preventing sediment and scale buildup, reducing the risk of clogs and damage. Additionally, by reducing exposure to potentially harmful contaminants, these systems contribute to better health and well-being for the residents. Whole-home point-of-entry water filtration is a convenient, comprehensive solution that provides safe and clean water throughout the entire home, offering numerous benefits for both the well-being of the inhabitants and the longevity of plumbing and appliances.

Take A Look At Your Water Filtration Options


Whole Home Carbon Filter


The PIONEER™ successfully reduces the presence of PFOA/PFOS at the source and is installed where water enters your home. The PIONEER™ houses a strategically designed nominal 0.5-micron filter to reduce both PFOA/PFOS chemicals along with soluble and particulate forms of lead in a single filter. Given the latest findings from the EPA stating increased PFOA/PFOS and lead levels in groundwater supply across the U.S., the PIONEER™ is ONE solution your family can depend on.


  • Significantly reduces the levels of PFOA and PFOS in your home’s water
  • Third-party tested according to NSF/ANSI P473 for PFOA and PFOS
  • Color-coded LED display notifies you when it is time to replace the filter cartridge
  • The system monitors real-time water usage
  • Filter life up to 100,000 gallons or 1 year


Self-Clean Carbon System

ProMate 6 Carbon Filter

The ProMate 6 Carbon Filter is a whole home filtration system designed to remove bad tastes, odors and dissolved organic chemicals from your home’s water. Customizable to your specific filtration needs, the ProMate 6 Carbon Filter is the perfect solution for any home water issue.


  • High UV output lamp technology allows for a smaller footprint while providing the same UV performance as a longer chamber
  • Audible lamp replacement reminder and countdown timer with digital display. Indicator lights show the status of system components. Warning lights appear when system maintenance is required.
  • The constant current feature ensures stable UV lamp output, regardless of power fluctuations
  • Built with a 304 Stainless Steel to prolong life and eliminate degradation
  • High-performance UV lamp, rigorously tested to provide consistent output over the entire lamp life (9000 hours)
  • Perfect for a wide range of whole-home, point-of-entry water treatment solutions in homes, cottages, or OEM applications


Dual Media Whole Home System

ProMate 6.0 DMT

One of our more efficient single-tank softeners, the ProMate 6.0 DMT (Dual Media Technology) uses down flow technology and is built around a Vortech™ distribution plate for efficiency and energy saving. And it features midplate technology for the ability to treat more than one of your home’s water issues in one system.


  • Dual Media Technology to treat multiple water issues
  • Digital display with user-friendly electronics
  • Customize settings to your family’s needs
  • On-demand regeneration based on your water usage
  • Full flow bypass valve provides the convenience of bypassing the water softener
  • The back-lit display makes it easy to read and alerts you of system notifications
  • Fewer parts to service
  • Corrosion-resistant control valve, body, and tanks for a longer life
  • Insulated sweat jacket to prevent sweating
  • All internal components are lead-free

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