The water supply in your MD residence might harbor harmful microorganisms, impurities, and contaminants that can lead to unsanitary water, discoloration, unpleasant odors, and unsightly stains. At Mid-Atlantic Water Services, we offer residential water treatment solutions to ensure your water is not only safe but also pure and refreshing.

Addressing Iron Stains:

Those rusty stains around your sinks and toilets in Annapolis are clear signs that your water contains an excess of iron. While the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) does not deem it a health hazard, excessive iron can tarnish your clothing, utensils, sinks, tubs, and even impact the taste and smell of your drinking water. Mid-Atlantic Water Services takes pride in providing iron stain solutions that reduce contaminants and mineral levels in your water. We offer a range of solutions, including [brand] water softeners and reverse osmosis systems, and will recommend the best approach to mitigate iron in your Annapolis home’s water.

Water Softening:

Say goodbye to the minerals and impurities responsible for hard water. When your water has an elevated calcium and magnesium content, it qualifies as hard water, which can lead to pipe blockages, reduced appliance and equipment longevity, and difficulties in dissolving soap and detergents. Water softening is a process that eliminates the ions causing hard water, and it can also remove iron ions during the process.

Ultraviolet (UV) Systems:

Achieve over 99.99 percent elimination of bacteria and pathogens from your water. Our UV systems purify contaminated water by passing it through a sealed chamber housing a UV lamp. As water passes through, microorganisms are exposed to germicidal UV wavelengths. The potent UV light eradicates disease-causing microorganisms in your water, safeguarding your plumbing against contamination. Typically, a UV system serves as the final stage of water treatment before distribution throughout your residence.

Point of Entry Systems:

Select from a diverse range of whole-house water filters to create an ideal home water purification system. These units are designed to remove impurities, neutralize objectionable tastes and odors in the water supply, and provide effective treatment. A chemical injection system is an efficient water treatment method for maintaining biologically safe and balanced water. This system injects a solution into the water to treat acidity and eliminate odors, and bacteria. The metered system administers precise dosages based on water volume, regardless of the flow rate.

Irrigation Systems:

Let us assist you in managing your lawn irrigation needs. Our experienced professionals can design and install a comprehensive irrigation system for your Annapolis yard. An underground, high-tech system ensures your lawn receives the necessary watering, saving time and minimizing water waste. Our crews include licensed plumbers and certified backflow prevention specialists, and we never outsource our work. We always ensure that your new system complies with local codes.

Drinking Water Systems:

Experience the benefits of clean, healthy drinking water. Most tap water contains harmful chemicals and contaminants that can negate the advantages of drinking water. Given that we use tap water for cooking and beverages, installing an under-sink water filter is a logical choice to remove harmful substances and ensure the water is pure and wholesome.

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