Water Treatment System Maintenance

Proper maintenance is crucial to keep your water treatment system in your Maryland home functioning optimally.

When it’s operating at its best, your water treatment system effectively reduces contaminants that could pose health risks or damage your water heater and other appliances.

This not only enhances the taste, appearance, and odor of your water but also provides peace of mind when you’re using it for various purposes, such as washing your hands, drinking, showering, or doing laundry.

Preserve Your Water Quality

Just like any other appliance in your Annapolis home, your water treatment system greatly benefits from regular maintenance. Providing it with some tender loving care can extend its lifespan and help you avoid costly major repairs.

Our team of qualified professionals at Mid-Atlantic Water Services can devise a maintenance plan for your system, which includes essential filter replacements, thorough parts inspections, and fine-tuning.

We also specialize in the repair and installation of various water treatment systems, such as reverse osmosis, ultraviolet (UV) light disinfection, water softeners, and sediment filtration.

Filters for Water Treatment Systems

You might wonder why a water treatment system, particularly a drinking water system, necessitates maintenance. After all, the central component in most water treatment systems is the filter. How complex could filter maintenance be?

Much like the air filter in your furnace or car, water treatment filters must be regularly cleaned or replaced. The frequency of replacement depends on the specific system, your water consumption, and the water’s composition.

For instance, our recommended Hellenbrand’s Millenium Reverse Osmosis System comprises three filters that typically last about a year before needing replacement. On the other end of the spectrum, the Viqua 10-inch cartridge-style filter we suggest for sediment filtration generally has a service life of six to twelve months.

Filters that are overdue for cleaning or replacement may no longer effectively block contaminants. You may not even notice that the filter has worn out unless the clarity, color, smell, or taste of your water changes. In certain cases, such as lead filtration, you cannot see, taste, or smell lead in your drinking water.

If your lead filtration filter becomes ineffective, it could have significant health implications when consuming water in your Annapolis home.

For example, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that drinking water can account for a person’s total exposure to lead. Even low levels of lead in children’s blood can result in behavioral problems, reduced IQ, hearing issues, and anemia. Adults may experience increased blood pressure, decreased kidney function, and reproductive problems.

Fortunately, some water treatment systems have reminders that signal when it’s time to change filters. Our experts at Mid-Atlantic Water Services offer the Pioneer lead removal system, which effectively mitigates lead, other heavy metals, chlorine, and microbial cysts in your drinking water.

This system also includes an LED light that illuminates green when the filter is operational, turns yellow to indicate 10 percent of filter life remaining, and displays red when it’s time to replace the filter.

Enhancing Your Drinking Water

Filters are not the sole components that require your attention. If a valve, tank, connector, or another part malfunctions, it could affect the proper functioning of other components within the system.

Consider your water softeners. During maintenance, check for any signs of wear and tear and potential leaks. Periodically clean the brine and resin tanks, and inspect valves, the system motor, and the regeneration timer. With regular maintenance, a water softener can last 15-20 years.

If you’ve installed an ultraviolet (UV) disinfection light in your Annapolis home, periodically examine the wiring, connections, housing, and the lamp. Our professionals at Mid-Atlantic Water Services recommend whole-home UV water treatment systems by Viqua.

This system provides an audible reminder when the lamp requires replacement and displays warning lights when system components need attention.

Give Your Water Treatment System the Care it Deserves

Make life easier on yourself by allowing Mid-Atlantic Water Services to take care of your water treatment system’s maintenance. When it’s operating at its peak, you can have peace of mind knowing that the water in your Annapolis, MD home is pure, clear, and odorless. Contact us at 443-906-3257 or request our services online.

Let us help you maintain the systems you’ve worked so hard to get in place! Contact Mid-Atlantic Water Services today!

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