Bad Tasting Water

If your tap water in MD bears a resemblance to a chlorinated swimming pool, tastes bitter, salty, metallic, or even emits unpleasant odors reminiscent of rotten eggs and bacteria, you don’t need to endure these unappetizing water conditions any longer. At Mid-Atlantic Water Services, our qualified technicians stand ready to transform your drinking water experience from unsavory to delightful. We offer a prompt assessment of your tap water’s quality and taste, along with customized solutions to enhance it.

Our recommendations are tailored to the specific characteristics of your Annapolis household, accounting for the content and source of your tap water, whether it’s from a well or a municipal supply, and your water consumption patterns. We excel in the maintenance, repair, and installation of reverse osmosis systems and whole house filters, designed to effectively screen out impurities and improve the overall quality of your drinking water. Additionally, we may suggest the implementation of ultraviolet (UV) light systems to address bacterial concerns or the use of water softeners for water containing elevated levels of calcium and magnesium.

Our ultimate objective is to select a water treatment system that suits your unique needs, ensuring that your tap water is not only clean but also tastes great and smells fresh. You can easily schedule a service with us to take the first step toward better-tasting water.

The quality of your water can be adversely affected by several factors, leading to poor taste and odor in your Annapolis home. Chlorine, often used in municipal water supplies for disinfection, can impart a chemical taste to the water. The presence of rusty pipes or metals like iron or manganese in well water can introduce a metallic flavor. Water with high acidity may taste bitter, while the presence of hydrogen sulfide can make it smell and taste like rotten eggs. Even some contaminants that lack a distinct flavor can be harmful to your health, such as lead, mercury, and arsenic.

Fortunately, the federal Safe Drinking Water Act empowers the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to regulate public water systems and establish stringent standards, limiting the presence of over 90 contaminants in public water supplies. To ensure the safety of your drinking water, it is advisable to surpass the EPA standards.

For those who rely on well water, the responsibility of testing and treating the water supply falls upon the homeowner. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends annual testing for coliform bacteria, nitrates, dissolved solids, and pH levels in well water. Any changes in taste, color, or odor should prompt testing. At Mid-Atlantic Water Services, our water quality experts can perform these tests in your Annapolis home, with results analyzed by a third-party lab, allowing us to recommend a tailored solution for your specific water quality needs.

Rather than resorting to the expensive and environmentally unfriendly option of buying bottled water endlessly, consider installing a reverse osmosis system beneath your kitchen sink. This system effectively filters out contaminants from water used for drinking and cooking. Alternatively, a whole-house filtration system treats all the water in your home, ensuring that every drop is of superior quality.

To embark on the journey to enhance the water quality in your Annapolis, MD, home, reach out to the experts at Mid-Atlantic Water Services. You can contact us at 443-906-3257 or request service online.

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