Lawn Irrigation Systems

There’s nothing quite like the pleasure of feeling the lush, green grass beneath your feet. Taking off your shoes and savoring the appearance and texture of your yard is the reward for the effort you’ve invested in maintaining a beautiful, thriving landscape at your MD residence.

While mowing and fertilizing are tasks you perform periodically, watering can become a significant undertaking, particularly during the dry summer season. Garden hoses and sprinklers often consume your leisure time and may not provide consistent coverage.

Mid-Atlantic Water Services is here to assist you with your lawn irrigation needs. Our skilled professionals can design and install a comprehensive irrigation system for your Annapolis property. This advanced, in-ground system efficiently waters your lawn as needed, saving you time and preventing water wastage.

We are your trusted experts in water in the Annapolis area, boasting over 30 years of experience in the maintenance, repair, and installation of water treatment, plumbing, and lawn irrigation systems.

Installation of Your Home Irrigation System:

What sets Mid-Atlantic Water Services apart as your choice for landscape irrigation? Here are the reasons why we stand out:

  • We do not outsource any of our work.
  • Our teams are composed of licensed plumbers and certified backflow prevention specialists.
  • We ensure that your new system complies with all local codes.
  • Not only do we design and install your system, but we also offer service and repairs as needed.
  • Our irrigation systems are compatible with both well water and municipal water, serving both residential and commercial properties.
  • If you require additional zones, we can expand your system accordingly.
  • Convenient financing options for the ideal irrigation solution for your yard.

Repairing Your Home Irrigation System:

Facing issues with your home sprinkler system? We can address various problems, including:

  • Clogged or damaged sprinkler heads
  • Faulty valves
  • Broken pipes
  • Timer box malfunctions
  • Typically, repairs are performed based on time and materials.

Maintaining Your Home Irrigation System:

Proper maintenance involves shutting down your system for the winter and reactivating it in the spring. We can winterize your irrigation system before freezing temperatures arrive in Annapolis and ensure its functionality as the weather warms up.

Our certified backflow prevention experts will conduct backflow device testing when we start up your irrigation system in the spring.

Conserving Water:

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports that around 30 percent of a typical household’s water usage occurs outdoors. Nationwide, nearly 8 billion gallons of water are used for landscaping daily, but inefficient methods result in wasting up to half of it through overwatering.

With a system designed and installed by the professionals at Mid-Atlantic Water Services, you can avoid concerns about water wastage and inefficiency. We prioritize efficient water use and incorporate water conservation technology into our designs.

Water Treatment Specialists and Irrigation:

Our technicians at Mid-Atlantic Water Services possess comprehensive knowledge of the water treatment industry and excel in the design and installation of irrigation systems. We understand the optimal size for your irrigation system, ensuring it doesn’t interfere with your well or water filtration system at your Annapolis home.

Unlike companies solely focused on landscape irrigation, we appreciate how an oversized watering system can affect water treatment in your residence.

When it comes to both landscape irrigation and water treatment, Mid-Atlantic Water Services is the one-stop solution. We cater to your indoor and outdoor water service needs.

Exclusive Offer for Current Customers:

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