Iron And Rust Staining

If you’ve noticed that the water in your MD home imparts a brownish-orange or reddish hue to your toilet and sinks, it’s likely due to an excess of iron content. While iron is an essential mineral in a balanced diet, an overabundance of this mineral in your tap water can lead to unsightly stains on fixtures and a metallic taste.

Iron naturally occurs in rocks and soil beneath the Earth’s surface, and it can dissolve into groundwater, eventually making its way into your Annapolis well. Additionally, aging iron pipes can corrode and release iron particles into your tap water. Bacteria that thrive on iron in water can create a slimy residue that accumulates in plumbing systems, water heaters, and toilet tanks.

Regardless of its form, iron is no match for our experts at Mid-Atlantic Water Services. Our water treatment methods are designed to reduce contaminants and mineral concentrations, adjust pH levels, and enhance the overall aesthetics of your water.

We take pride in offering top-notch solutions, including Hellenbrand water softeners, Water Drop reverse osmosis systems, Viqua ultraviolet (UV) disinfecting lights, and cartridge water filters. Our skilled technicians specialize in the maintenance, repair, and installation of treatment systems for both well and municipal water sources.

Allow us to recommend the most suitable solution for reducing iron in the water at your Annapolis residence.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) classifies iron as one of 15 “secondary” contaminants for which it establishes non-mandatory water quality standards. The EPA emphasizes that these contaminants typically do not pose health risks. However, when present in concentrations exceeding the EPA’s non-mandatory standards, they can impact water aesthetics, affecting aspects such as taste and odor.

The established standard for iron in water is 0.3 milligrams per liter. Levels exceeding 0.3 milligrams result in staining, a metallic flavor, and sediment. Water with dissolved ferrous iron remains clear until it encounters oxygen, which causes it to develop rusty-colored sediment that doesn’t dissolve.

In its ferric or non-soluble state, it leads to the accumulation of flaky, rusty sediment in fixtures, water heaters, and appliances. Pour the water into a glass, and you’ll observe rusty residue.

Water containing ferrous iron is well-suited for treatment with a high-efficiency water softener, which can reduce iron content and eliminate staining. We can also recommend a filtration system to remove undissolved iron particles.

The most accurate way to determine the composition of your water is through testing. At Mid-Atlantic Water Services, we send water samples to a third-party lab and utilize the results to tailor a treatment system to your specific needs. Some tests can be conducted by our field specialists at no charge, including pH, iron, hardness, and total dissolved solids.

We refrain from employing a one-size-fits-all approach to your water supply. While you and your neighbor may both experience rusty stains on fixtures in your Annapolis homes, it doesn’t necessarily mean the same treatment product is suitable for both households. Your water supply might contain other contaminants, or the water next door might be more acidic. Even the amount of water used in each home plays a pivotal role in determining the most effective treatment.

At Mid-Atlantic Water Services, we never recommend a product without a thorough assessment and testing of your water supply. We pride ourselves on tailoring solutions to your unique needs and guarantee the quality of our work, aiming to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Let Mid-Atlantic Water Services enhance the quality of your drinking water by reducing iron content. Contact us for a consultation regarding water treatment in your Annapolis, MD, residence. You can reach us at 443-906-3257 or request our services online today.

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